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Latest Speed and red light camera alerts (2023) for Garmin GPS units, that covers every country

Speed Camera

  •  Does your Garmin GPS or Kenwood multimedia entertainment system loaded with Garmin maps not warn you of Speed and red light camera's when in use and you would like to have these alerts on your Garmin?
  • Are the warnings outdated, and you would like to update it to the latest 2023 version?
  • Sick of Getting speeding or red light fines and losing points on your license?

We have the ideal product for you, with this small investment you can save hundred of dollars in fines and never fear losing your license again!
Speed camera

The latest 2023 Speed and red light camera alerts that covers the whole world, including Australia, NZ, North and South America, UK, Europe, Asia and Africa
Yes, its loaded to your GPS and ready for other countries that you may currently have loaded to your GPS, or intend to load overseas maps in the future!

Our CD will install the complete Speed and Red light camera alerts to your Garmin if it does not have any warnings, or update the old warnings with the latest 2023, keeping you up to date with newer camera locations, and at the same time removing old locations of camera's that have been removed!

Stay aware of safety cameras and travel safely, legally and speed-consciously, especially during this festive season. Every Garmin GPS can have the full speed and red light camera database loaded inside to bring alerts - Keeping safe and accident-free will help you maintain lower insurance premiums and avoid penalty points and fines too.

Safety camera alerts are driven by content from a range of expert sources, not just user feedback. Before they are included in the database, each location is physically inspected to confirm camera type, direction, average speed and distance covered.

Content sources include:

* Official agency data
* Professional survey
* GPS digital camera, Wi-Fi and expert field survey-gathered data
* Verified user feedback

Did you know?

Most Garmin GPS devices when purchased new or the Kenwood multimedia systems running the Garmin maps don't have any speed or red light camera alerts as standard - The Garmin software has the ability and the potential to have this feature, but Garmin does not load it with any warnings, Don't despair, this is where we come into the picture!

(Only Speed and red light warnings for the Garmin GPS on CD, No actual GPS UNIT)

What Garmin Devices are compatible?

All Garmin GPS models that already have the Road Navigation maps or Kenwood in-car multimedia systems that have the Garmin GPS software and Maps

Please note: Some Kenwood models may not be compatible, as this feature is locked from working - Please consult Kenwood before purchase if this feature is possible, then let us know to confirm and verify this, and we will then give you the go ahead to make purchase!

What do you need?

A computer running Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/8.1 or 10 (if you don't have access to a PC running windows, let us know straight after purchase if you have a Mac or Linux PC, and we will send you instructions with the disc)

Your USB cable to connect your Garmin GPS to your computer, or a SD card reader to insert the SD card directly into your PC (most new computers and laptops have the SD card or memory card reader on-board)

We send you the Speed and red light camera alerts on disc, all you need to do is insert the disc we send you, into your computer - then follow the instructions from the CD, its easy to follow and you will have it up and running in no time :)

Speed Camera

Please Note: Some models may vary in functionality and features. Make sure that your Garmin already has road maps. We are not held accountable for misunderstandings or misconceptions

Any errors to this listing is not intentional and we will not be held responsible! Please contact us if you are not certain about details described above, have identified an error or wish to suggest ideas. We appreciate your contribution and advice to help improve our services and products!

Your Computer OS
Your Garmin (or Kenwood) model

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