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Latest 2022 Maps of Australia and NZ for your Garmin GPS or Kenwood Device

Update your Garmin GPS with the latest 2022 maps of Australia and NZ
or Add these maps to your Garmin GPS if its an overseas model with no Aus/NZ maps!!! 

Does your Garmin GPS have old outdated Australian & NZ maps? this is what you need!
is your Garmin GPS purchased from overseas and has no Australian/NZ maps - this is for you!

Not only do you get the lastest maps!!! It also includes the latest Speed and red light camera alerts

and enables voice spoken alerts on most Garmin models * - Your Garmin will verbally speak to you saying "Speed camera ahead" instead of the boring Beep
(*Garmin model dependent if your model supports spoken alerts - Most do, but older models don't and will simply beep and alert you on screen of a camera ahead)

Version: Australia and NZ 2023.20

You have two options to best suit your needs:
Download $20.75 - Ideal if you need it instantly and don't want to wait around for the mail man to arrive with the CD in the post... Straight after purchase, allow us approx. between 1-9 hours during working hours to get back to you with the download, which you can then download and update your Garmin GPS device straight away.
CD in Post $21.75 - If you are in no rush or prefer the traditional method of updating your Garmin GPS, for only an additional $1, We will have the update CD sent to you, which should arrive in 1-4 days.

Please ensure your Device is compatible before purchase, or contact us to confirm compatibility:
Compatible Device List: >>>   

If you have purchased this before from us for your Garmin or Kenwood GPS, and this new update is for the same device, no need to verify compatibility... if its the same device which was previously updated or installed with our maps, it should work 100% with these latest maps as well!

Your Computer OS
Your Garmin (or Kenwood) model

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